Discount Frozen Rats is a family-owned company just outside beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

In 2011, we began breeding a few rats as feeders for local customers.  By sheer luck, we started our colony with a hardy, stout-bodied strain of rats, and our customers loved feeding them!  Word spread fast, and requests for feeder animals soon poured in.

Expansions were made to meet demand, but CLEAN HEALTHY FEEDERS AT A REASONABLE PRICE has always prevailed as our mission.

Today, we continue to serve those original loyal customers, and value each one.  Additionally, we ship frozen rats, mice, chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits to customers in 20 states.  Check our SHIPPING PAGE to see if we can ship to your state....we would be honored to provide your next order of feeders.



•You need to know that your feeders are clean and well-packaged.  

•When you pay good money for feeders, you want them of appropriate size.  Skinny, tiny, or an entire package of minimal size just won't do.

•You need a knowledgeable human to converse with.  Perhaps your reptile has special needs, or you have sizing preferences.  Maybe you have a question about our packaging or shipping boxes.  Pick up the phone and call us.  We are a family operation, and we love hearing from you.

•You are busy.  You know what you want, and you need to be able to order it quickly.  We have you covered.  Order online in a minute or two and forget it. Your job is done, and we take over.  You will receive email updates allowing you to track your order right to your door.

•Frozen feeders can get expensive, and there is certainly no reason to overcharge just for the fun of it.  We respect you and your hard-earned money.



Small Rat (25)   

Medium Rat (15)

Adult Mouse (50)

Chick (50)