Posted by Nathan Reifsnyder on Jul 9th 2020

Business History

Discount Frozen Rats is a family-owned company just outside beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

In 2011, we began breeding a few rats as feeders for local customers. By sheer luck, we started our colony with a hardy, stout-bodied strain of rats, and our customers loved feeding them! Word spread fast, and requests for feeder animals soon poured in.

Expansions were made to meet demand, but CLEAN HEALTHY FEEDERS AT A REASONABLE PRICE has always prevailed as our mission.

In the beginning of May 2019 we started training a new owner of the business. We are now a part of RAC Rodents, LLC and Reifsnyder's Ag Center. We are very happy with how fast and far the business has grown and can't wait to see how far this new Partner will propel us in the future.