Q. How can I contact Discount Frozen Rats?

A. We encourage you to contact us via phone (800)-217-7601 or email info@discountfrozenrats.com

Q. Do I need to sign for my package when it arrives? What if I'm not at home.

A. No, all packages are sent with no signature required. Your frozen feeders will be delivered whether you are available to receive them or not.

Q. What do you feed your feeders?

A. All our feeders are fed a scientifically formulated, breed-specific diet. We don't use cheap "fillers" or dogfood.

Q. How are your feeder animals euthanized?

A. All our feeder animals are euthanized via CO2 (carbon dioxide). Yes, these are just feeder animals....but we believe no animal should have to suffer. In our opinion, CO2 is the only humane way to dispatch feeder animals. Quick and painless, it is the approved method by the nationally acclaimed AVMA

Q. Do you have a minimum order?

A. Yes, all feeders must be purchased in bag quantities as listed.

Q. What is a "cutthroat"

A. A cutthroat feeder animal has had a blood sample removed by a laboratory, and will display a small slit just under the chin. Expect a small but manageable amount of blood. They are clean, healthy, and neatly packaged. 100% safe and natural, they are a great economy feeder.

Laboratories fall under strict USDA regulations, and are inspected regularly for compliance. These sanitary conditions and excellent management practices often produce some of the finest feeder animals.


Q. Can I pick up my order at your farm to save shipping costs?

A. Yes. At Discount Frozen Rats, we are always looking for ways to help you save your hard-earned money. To eliminate your shipping costs by picking up your feeders, call us before placing your order. We will make ready your order and give you an appointment for pickup.

Q. Do you produce all your feeders on your own farm?

A. No. Discount Frozen Rats has a sizeable production facility in Eastern Pennsylvania. However, we work closely with a few other breeders in distributing their feeders. Distributing feeders from several breeders enables us to keep our customers supplied with feeders while still maintaining great quality control. We only work with breeders that meet our quality standards.

Q. What days do you ship, and when will I receive my order?

A. We ship Monday and Tuesday. Orders are in transit 1-3 days. Upon shipment of your order, you will receive tracking information so you will be able to keep tabs on your feeders the whole way to your door.

Q. Why are your feeders “Discount”? Does this mean they are junk, or poor quality?

A. No. We know how expensive a reptile-related enterprise can be, and are constantly seeking new ways to save your money. You have lots of other expenses to worry about, and we see no reason to gouge you on feeder prices. From using sturdy recycled boxes to negotiating special shipping rates for you, we are always on the lookout.

Q. Can anybody buy from Discount Frozen Rats, or are you some kind of wholesale club?

A. Discount Frozen Rats offers feeders for everyone. Our feeders are perfect for reptile breeders, resellers, zoos, wildlife rehab centers, aquariums and more. Maximum discounts can be achieved when purchasing bulk quantities.

Q. How are your feeders packaged?

A. We typically package our animals in sturdy re-sealable zip bags.

Q. How do I know if you ship to my state?

A. We currently ship to 20 states.  Check our SHIPPING page to see if your state is listed.