Excellent quality and service

Posted by Christi Jean on May 18th 2020

I have ordered small rats on four occasions. Service has always been great. Delivery has been quick and the rats arrived frozen. They are always clean and neatly packed. I would highly recommend this company.

I finally found a quality breeder with fair prices

Posted by Chris C. on Aug 11th 2018

I have kept reticulated pythons , boas , and ball pythons for about 4 years and have always purchased my feeders from Rodent Pro, American Rodent Supply, and Perfect Prey but was never really satisfied and then I decided to give Discount Frozen Rats a try and I am Extremely Satisfied for the 1st time. The Rats and Guinea Pigs were extremely clean, Consistent in size, and even though I don't know this myself they must taste delicious because all of my reptiles gladly accepted these on the 1st feeding attempt and I have 3 finicky eaters. I will be ordering all of my feeders from Discount Frozen Rats in the future

Typical stellar shipment recieved as discribed

Posted by Wyatt L. on Mar 30th 2019

My experience with Randall has always been of stellar quality both professionally and as an individual asking for his best advise on his products. Shipments arrived on time , as discribed and frozen solid. The cutthroats are a great way to save some cash on feeders. I put the cutthroats on a hot plate regulated carefully by a separate thermostat with the cutthroats placed lined up side by side on there backs. Initially heat them to 85 degrees for two hours then just before offering them to my Ball Python collection I turn the heat up to 102-104. They snatch the mice most eagerly in this way. This method also minimizes any mess often associated with cutthroats. Actually there is no mess at all when done this way. My extreme picky eaters will on occasion take an FT in this manor. Semper Fi, Wyatt